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Lithium Ion Products 


  Cell selection - cylindrical or prismatic and capacity

  Cell matching

  Cell Operating Voltage 2.7V to 4.2V

  Current:  peak(15C) and continuous(1C or 5C)

  Temperature:  Operating -20 to 60C,

  Hours of service based on capacity and discharge profile

  Charge profile:  1 hr quick charge and 2 hour topping charge typical

  PCM (Protection Control Module:  Over/Under Voltage, Over Current, and Over/Under Temp

  Wire and Connector

  Case - soft shrink wrap or hard plastic; per mechanical requirements



Li ion (Cobalt)  3.7V


Li ion (Manganese) 3.7V




  Single or multi pack charging

  Fit for pack

  Optimize charge profile for application and safety

  Typical fast charge time 1.5hrs to 3hrs.

  Fast charge 1hr to 70% capacity based on voltage threshold

  Topping charge +2hr to 99.9% capacity based on current profile

Restrictions for transport (interpretation for reference only and not guaranteed)

Transport of Lithium-ion batteries is regulated by IATA, IMO, ADR, adn US-DOT who follow the

United Nations "Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Model Regulations, 13th revised

edition-2003.  Lithion-ion cells and battery packs may not be assigned to UN N 3090 Class-9 that is restricted for transport when:  individual cells <1.5 grms of Li metal content and battery packs <8 grms of Li metal content that

pass the UN-defined saftey test and are not restricted for transport (1.0 Ah of declared nominal capacity=0.3 grms of Li equivalent weight content).  This equates to approximately 5Ah cells and 26.67Ah battery packs.